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High-quality space, outstanding infrastructure and  excellent locations are key characteristics of Union Investment properties. As  a strong owner and partner, we invest continuously in enhancing the appeal of  our quality properties – and in the satisfaction of our tenants. 

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A commitment to sustainability across our fund holdings benefits not just the environment but also our tenants and investors.

Continuously improving the sustainability aspects of a property portfolio requires that relevant consumption of energy for heat and power, water use and waste production are systematically recorded, analysed and potential for improvement identified. This is a significant challenge for us as a major portfolio manager with around 350 properties worldwide. The effort is nevertheless worthwhile: a property portfolio that is aligned with sustainability principles adds value for investors and tenants alike.

Accordingly, as part of the Union Investment Group's CSR strategy the property fund manager has set itself the goal of assessing 75% of its broadly diversified real estate portfolio in terms of sustainability , of continuously improving the portfolio and reporting the results each year.

In addition to certifying its properties in line with national and international standards, the focus is on investing in existing properties with the objective of reducing consumption for properties held in the funds. This can help to cut operating costs.

We will also continue to develop our management systems and evaluation tools, which build on the extensive experience of our sustainability experts. Our proprietary Portfolio Sustainability Management (PSM) tool captures all property-specific consumption data and highlights scope for improvement, e.g. with regard to energy or water consumption.

Agreeing green leases actively involves our tenants in the drive to make building operation more sustainable and to save resources while boosting resource efficiency and reducing emissions generated by the construction and operation of buildings.

In conjunction with recording consumption data as described above, actual cost tracking has also been introduced. Measures are formulated on the basis of forecasts, implemented and their effect monitored as part of an ongoing programme to track investment costs and operating expenses.


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