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Union Investment is one of Europe’s leading real estate investment managers, with a portfolio of around 350 properties across some 24 countries worldwide. Currently Union Investment’s institutional business comprises two institutional funds and six special funds with a total volume of 5.0 billion euros.

Union Investment has assets under management of EUR 31.8 billion in twelve real estate funds. Private investors account for EUR 26.8 billion across three retail funds.

Union Investment has been offering open-ended real estate funds for private investors since 1965, laying the foundation for its comprehensive property expertise and current level of assets under management.

Over the past 50 years, Union Investment has gradually expanded its offering to include open-ended retail, special and thematic real estate funds as well as bespoke solutions for institutional investors.

To diversify risk and optimise performance, we invest in a targeted mix of uses, regions and property sizes. Key planks of this strategy are investments in downtown office space and in business parks, supported by retail properties, business hotels and logistics properties in selected locations.

Sustainable real estate investment is an integral part of our business strategy. Energy efficiency and ecologically sound building operation are now widely considered to be value-adding factors and are key to sustained success in real estate investment. Union Investment was quick to recognise this trend and is one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable real estate investment.

Current: 31 December 2016

Tailored real estate solutions for our institutional customers
A comprehensive product offering

Product offering

Union Investment tailors its special funds to the individual requirements of institutional investors with regard to return strategy, accounting method and tax efficiency, resulting in made-to-measure products for broadly diversified property investment with a country-specific focus or international portfolios.

Union Investment offers professional asset management, comprehensive, proactive portfolio management, robust risk management standards and transparent best-in-class processes. We reflect the special requirements of institutional customers by way of custom product solutions and tailored reporting. As a special service, we provide customers with an expert team and a central contact person.

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Institutional funds

The institutional real estate funds DEFO-Immobilienfonds Nr. 1 and DIFA-Fonds Nr. 3 are specially tailored to the objectives of a small group of investors.





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Thematic funds

Union Investment develops custom product solutions for larger investment amounts. Our experts select the product vehicle and specific property strategy in line with customer requirements. As an example, the current investment market environment for retail properties will be leveraged to acquire good-quality commercial buildings, retail parks and shopping centres with secure cash flows at a sustainable purchase price for UII Shopping Nr. 1. The performance of high-quality retail properties within a German institutional fund wrapper offers low volatility and attractive target returns.

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Retail funds

Special retail real estate funds such as UniInstitutional European Real Estate are perfectly matched to the interests of institutional investors, with their relatively low minimum investment requirement attracting a wide range of investors. These funds allow broadly diversified investment in the real estate markets and flexible management of the property holdings in the portfolio.



Innovative concepts

Union Investment also develops customised concepts for institutional investors who want to transfer existing direct holdings while continuing to manage them at varying levels. This is achieved by creating corresponding transfer funds and club deals. Union Investment also develops solution concepts for combining different property investments in a bundling vehicle.

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